Finding the best places to live in England

After a few months of arduous research, design and coding, I published illustreets in beta version. You can subscribe to updates via illustreets’ profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

The application, co-authored with Kate Koval, uses a large amount of data: deprivation, house prices, local employment and crime rates, schools, public transport, and many more, to provide an overview for any address in England.

We think that it is particularly useful for people who are looking to move home, as they can easily compare amongst different locations on the fly. I dare say that it is one of the most complete property location research apps out there.

About Manuel Timita

Passionate about both human and IT systems. More curious than a cat, yet hoping to dodge its proverbial fate for a while.
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4 Responses to Finding the best places to live in England

  1. Stavros Es. says:

    Dear Timita,

    Really nice job, I search about price in Weymouth, I lived for a year in past.
    Illustreets seems very informative fast and full of data.
    In which platform is designed ?

    Kind regards
    Stavros Es.

    • Manuel Timita says:

      Hi Stavros,

      I’m glad you like it. It will get even better soon :-)
      It’s built with pure JavaScript, using Meteor JS (framework) and CartoDB (geospatial database).

      Manuel Timita

  2. Ben says:

    I just wanted to say that I find illustreets to be simply unbelievable! Not only is it fabulously beautiful design, the functionality is jaw-dropping. What an amazing interface! If only the whole world could have this done…

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