About me

No CV in here, as I am pretty happy with my current situation. No picture either. I do that on Facebook, but well, when one sees one’s friends as rarely as I do, one would better link a face to one’s name.

Nothing special about the average me. I passed the threshold of adulthood over a decade ago, I am unsettled, and curious. I use that last personality trait as an excuse to justify my tendency to start random diatribes just for the sake of nurturing new subjects for debate; call it instigation to dissent.

Academic background still in development.

A neophyte  adept of systems thinking and complexity theory, yet a long term supporter of lateral thinking. Never happy with being taught (or served with carefully selected knowledge) – I prefer to explore, and conduct my own process of learning (so don’t ask me why am I a TV hater). Not having loved the secondary and high school for the same reason.

Always trying to make the difference between the realities I perceive – that is, my own biased way of internalising whatever I extract from the surrounding environment – and the realities pushed towards me as universal truths.

During my teenage years I used to see and think about the world in images and sounds. Quite a few notebooks full of cheesy lyrics were the direct result of this misconfigured perception (put a smiley of your choice in here). I lost that sort of innocence along the way and now I think mostly in harsh words, with no melody in them.

I love coffee, reading, and all sorts of gadgets. Passionate about IT, more specifically information security, networking, and virtualisation.

And I miss my big, fat, black cat.

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