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Some systems are impossible to hack. Narrow minds, for instance

WkiLeaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and, generally, the hackers (boo!) have made the headlines lately. And they will keep on being an important news story for another few good weeks, as more and more of the 251,287 cables will be … Continue reading

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They should ‘turn off that light’, not you

I have read recently (unfortunately I don’t remember where) that a study regarding electricity consumption in the USA and Western Europe has found that, no matter how much energy saving technology we employ (i.e. efficient light bulbs, LCD panels), we … Continue reading

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Our dark sense of humour in the 21st century: ’10 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth’

That is from Or even better, on SEPA: ‘Only boil as much water as you need. Boiling a full kettle for just one cup of tea will generate up to eight times more carbon dioxide emissions.’ Hey, also don’t … Continue reading

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