Some systems are impossible to hack. Narrow minds, for instance

WkiLeaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and, generally, the hackers (boo!) have made the headlines lately. And they will keep on being an important news story for another few good weeks, as more and more of the 251,287 cables will be released, whilst a whole pack of Luddites will bark and dribble ink against communication technologies and the perceived threats associated with them.

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Selfishness as a reliable vehicle for good deeds

I have written the previous article without going into details about the ‘why’ of altruism, and why does it appear to be (not even paradoxically) more like a matter of egoism, so in what follows I will try to clarify my point of view. Undoubtedly, the soup-spoiling cynical types out there might regard my intention of shaping an explanation as pointless, if not superfluous. Yet, when balancing on the edge between atheism and agnosticism, trying to explore the ‘why’s, rather than the ‘how’s of morality, beyond any religious beliefs and socio-cultural clichés, it is quite hard not to be fastidious.


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How seeing dead people might just help you become a better (living) one

Shall I add that this might not really apply to those creating said less-than-pretty sight? Say, murderers. Also, I presume, it may have no effect on the very religious types, as they usually hope for the best once they’re off to Walhalla.

Since this is a personal experience, let me first say that I am not trying to generalise my subjective point of view. My intention is only to suggest a new outer symbol to support you – if that is the case – in the process of learning about how you can learn about your own self. And develop. It is your own business how you perceive what I convey, and whether you want to internalise it or not.

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They should ‘turn off that light’, not you

I have read recently (unfortunately I don’t remember where) that a study regarding electricity consumption in the USA and Western Europe has found that, no matter how much energy saving technology we employ (i.e. efficient light bulbs, LCD panels), we manage to consume even more power.

The rationale for this behaviour is quite simple – we trust technology to save the energy for us. Don’t turn off that light if you don’t need it, let it on because it is ‘energy efficient’.

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Our dark sense of humour in the 21st century: ’10 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth’

That is from Or even better, on SEPA: ‘Only boil as much water as you need. Boiling a full kettle for just one cup of tea will generate up to eight times more carbon dioxide emissions.’ Hey, also don’t forget to bring your own bag to Tesco and grab some ‘green’ Clubcard points.

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Why blogging?

Indeed, why… I also asked myself the same thing a while back and I had no answer; simply put, I did not feel like I had anything important to say. Actually, somewhere on the mockery of a blog that I started in 2008 I published an article about how to not have a blog. As you would expect, it was not a sample of wisdom, of course.

Now, it is not because I have anything new to convey. That would be very unlikely, when there is so much information floating around anyway. I am also too much of an average Joe to be visionary. I did not even read enough in order to start innovating on top of some existing body of knowledge.

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